This week’s follow up success story comes from Sandrine Brubaker, a photographer and owner of Cayenne Pepper Studio.

The Follow Up Question

Here’s what Sandrine asked me, “A company had asked me for dates to book me. After giving them my dates the company contact asked for a total price. I gave her the price with more information about headshot days and things like that. I followed up with her on Monday morning to find out if they had found a date and got an automated message saying she would be out until yesterday.

Do I follow up today with the same email I had sent out on Monday or do I wait? Or do I follow up with a different message? i.e. my available days are being filled…I want to make sure I will be able to photograph everyone…, etc.”

The Solution

Here was my reply to Sandrine, “You can follow up by replying all to the last email you sent her to make sure she’s on the email. Then say something like ‘I got your out of office email when I sent this yesterday. I’m resending in case the first one sunk to the bottom of your inbox while you were out. Please see the original email below with the information you requested about__.’ Then add the “my days are filling” part that you put in.”

The Results

Here is what Sandrine wrote back with the results: “Thank you so much for your help! She answered me and we are picking a date! I did end that follow up email with a question and asked her what kind of background she wanted for the employees and sent her to my website! Thanks again for your help! This is fantastic!”

Sandrine knows I’m a fan of ending follow up messages with questions that the person needs to answer so I love the question she asked at the end about what kind of background. And now she has a template for future use!

Your Turn

Share YOUR latest Follow Up success story so we can all celebrate with you 🎉. I’ll even use it in a future blog and social media posts if you’re open to me sharing with others.

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