This week’s follow up success story comes from Wendy Manganaro, owner of Social Abundance Marketing.

Social Abundance Marketing Needed Reviews

Wendy’s company wanted to get into some new markets and she knew that reviews from previous clients would help other businesses see the value of working with Social Abundance Marketing. So, she took my More Reviews = More Revenue 21-Day Bootcamp in July.

Wendy had so much success that she left an awesome and detailed review on my Facebook Business Page, so I’m just going to let her do the talking. I’ve edited slightly to fit the blog post.

Wendy’s More Reviews = More Revenue Bootcamp Review

“What is it about following up that we don’t like? Asking for a testimonial feels life-sucking because in the back of our minds we are thinking, I don’t want to sell. But alas… what if you could follow-up and not sell? Just ask for a testimonial, and be genuine and see where the conversation goes.

What if we could follow-up and not over complicate it?

Sounds simple enough, yet still so difficult for those who already struggle with writing content for their platforms that do not sound salesy. My suggestion would be to learn about Lisa Shaughnessy, the follow-up queen! I just finished a 21 Day Bootcamp with her and did simple follow-ups asking for reviews, and from that, I have received:


😍A new LinkedIn review.
😍A Facebook review.
😍Written thoughts on the process of my hour-long strategy.
😍And the most significant win, I’m in the process of negotiating new business with my oldest client, just because I came to mind when I asked him for a review.”

Wrap Up

How amazing is that? Just by following up, Wendy got the reviews she needed AND thousands of dollars worth of repeat business!

How are you following up to drive your business forward?

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