This week’s post is a guest post by Becky, a Transition and Growth Coach, and owner of Higher Good Coaching. She shares a great perspective on following up.

Face Your Follow Up Fears

Rebecca UpchurchI DON’T want to be the person people avoid or roll their eyes at.

I hate being a pest or bothering someone.

I feel like if they want my services, they’ll let me know.

If I have to ask or bring it up more than once, then clearly they aren’t interested.

Do any of those sound familiar to you? Because I KNOW I’ve said them to myself LOADS of times.

And I believed them wholeheartedly for a looong time. Fast forward a few years, and I’ve discovered that I couldn’t have been more wrong! Now, before you roll your eyes or think my experience is different from yours, stay with me for a minute!

  • Have you ever come across a service that looked good and then gotten distracted and forgot about it?
  • Have you ever told someone you’d get back to them and then gotten busy with work, family, or other responsibilities and not done it?
  • Have you ever wanted to explore an opportunity to work with someone but then dropped the ball because you didn’t feel like you were “ready”?
  • Has a service or service provider ever come back across your path and you were excited because it gave you a second chance to explore something you failed to jump on the first time?

Yeah, me too. And the same goes for EVERYONE ELSE who is human…and busy…and at times distracted…and really just trying to go about the business of life and not drop too many balls on the juggling process.

So what can you do to give yourself some grace from those self-doubts while also giving potential clients the grace to be human, which sometimes includes not taking advantage of what you have to offer them right away? You can FOLLOW UP!

If you’re still not convinced, let me share some quick things with you that people have said to me that COMPLETELY shifted my perspective on following up:

If you’re not putting it out there, you are taking away a potential client’s choice to benefit from all you have to offer.

Wow, what a powerful reminder that follow-up is not about pushing an agenda or forcing anyone to do anything!  People ALWAYS have a choice to say yes or no to working with you. But if they forget that you exist, don’t know you’re available, or can’t remember the great product or service you provide, then that choice is lost.  Give people the choice.

“Thanks for checking in. Really.” “PS, thank you for checking in multiple times.”

These were excerpts from two DIFFERENT potential clients. In both cases, I sent my follow-ups begrudgingly, feeling like I was being a pest, assuming I was annoying them, telling myself I probably needed to cut my losses, deciding that what I had to offer wasn’t something they were interested in, etc. But I was WRONG!  In both cases, my outreach was not only NOT A BOTHER but it was also HAPPILY WELCOMED! That’s when I had my epiphany that my follow-up fears were wrong and why I feel confident that yours probably are too!

So instead of spending so much time and energy focused on why you shouldn’t be following up with people, focus instead on how to get the greatest value from your follow-ups by making them as effective as possible. Give people the choice to benefit from what you have to offer, and you just might be surprised at how thankful they are that you gave them another chance to explore the great things you and your business bring to the table!

About Becky Upchurch

Becky Upchurch is a Transition and Growth Coach who focuses on helping clients live authentic, purposeful lives that resonate with their innermost selves. As the owner of Higher Good Coaching, Becky follows a person and professional mantra of “Love Self, Serve Others” and supports clients through personal and professional exploration as they discover their potential and work toward the lives they truly want for themselves. Whether you know exactly where you want to go and have a plan to get there or are just noticing a twinge inside but aren’t sure yet what it’s telling you or what to do with it, Becky is committed to supporting you on your journey. She can be reached via email at

You an also connect with her on Instagram or Twitter.

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