I met Vicky Arczynski, owner of JustVICKYThingz, at a recent networking breakfast. We chatted for a few minutes about our businesses, and I mentioned how helpful getting reviews from past customers would be to move her acid-dyed clothing line forward.

I gave her a few words and phrasing she could use to increase the chances of getting the reviews. Here is the email I got from her just a few days later:

“You recommended I ask customers for feedback and reviews on my products and company. I sent out 20 texts and within the first day received 5 Facebook reviews- all being excellent reviews. Thank you for your suggestion! I wanted to let you know I had a lot of success with it.”

So now when people go to her Facebook business page, one of the first things they see is her 5-star rating and the recent reviews! With the details about the quality and ease of ordering, you bet that others will decide to purchase based on those reviews.

What about you?

When was the last time you followed up to ask for a review or testimonial? Stop putting it off and send that email, text, Facebook message or make that phone call to ask – you’ll be glad you did!

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