I found this Follow Up Success Story to be very inspiring – I hope you do, too!

Follow Up Success Story – Clark Virtual Business Solutions

Ronalyn Wentz, owner of Clark Virtual Business Solutions,​​​​​​ recently took my How to Follow Up for Reviews and Testimonials workshop.

She was submitting her business for the Loudoun Small Business Awards and needed to ask her clients for testimonials to help her submission package stand out and shine.

Here’s some of what she said about the workshop:

Going through Lisa’s workshop helped me figure out the “template” to send to my clients.

In just a few days, she got 8 new reviews/testimonials that she used in her awards submission. As a bonus, they’ll also show potential clients exactly why they should work with her.
We’re wishing Ronalyn and Clark Virtual Business Solutions the best of luck!

What about you?

When was the last time you followed up to ask for a review or testimonial? Stop putting it off and send that email, text, Facebook message or make that phone call to ask – you’ll be glad you did!

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